For The Om of It

For The Om of It

For The OM of It. Because Om is the sound of The Universe

Om is the sound of the Universe
A mantra that vibrates with the frequency of universal consciousness

It's a 55% hemp 45% organic cotton blend that provides for an awesome long lasting feel that will get softer with time.

Eco Fashion: fabrics and clothing designs that are created by a system that can support its existence indefinitely in an environmentally responsible way.

Hemp fibers are 3-4 times stronger than conventional cotton, wick moisture, uv resistant, and have anti-microbial properties. Its a plant that humans have cultivated for millennia and was banned in the early 20th century to protect corporate interests but thanks to the internet and free flow of information its making a comeback. Yeah its the future man.

Organic Cotton was grown on fields that have been chemical free for at least three years and planted as a rotation crop.

proceed from sales go to "fund the future project" our effort to build a sustainable learning center in NY

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